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A Letter to my Daughter: Activate your Greatness

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

My sweet, intelligent, fearless, beautiful daughter, today is your high school graduation! This day seems to have come so fast. As I do from time to time, I find myself wondering if your father and I have prepared you to thrive in this world without us. Some days parenting you girls has been like jumping into a warm pool and doing the back float as the sun sets or rises. Other days it has been like jumping into a cold pool, with unidentified depth and needing to tread water indefinitely and then just when I think I can't go on...the sun appears, the water warms and I am on my back floating again! At no time would I ever quit, at no time would I trade you or our experiences together in for something or someone else. You are one of our four blessings.

What I know to be true is that I've fought for you since pregnancy! I fought for you the first 3 months of pregnancy when I couldn't even keep down a glass of water let alone a meal. I fought for you during the 4th month of pregnancy when I returned to work only to go into pre-term labor a week later. I fought for you when I was hospitalized and the doctors and social worker told us you wouldn't make it. I fought for you the rest of our pregnancy...which I spent on bed rest (watching Kirk Franklin, reading books and doing puzzles with your big sis). I fought so hard that you were a week and some change past due (you've always done things only when you're ready and not a minute before)! I believe you were fighting too! We fought for you when at a routine physical exam we were instructed to head over to children's hospital to see a heart specialist and for the next few years your father and I fought on your behalf! Guess were fighting too! I am so glad that I choose to fight as I love to see you laugh, or that twinkle in your eye when you get something. Your witty humor always amazes me and makes me feel proud. I also love the compassion you have for people. But even though we were fighting the good fight of faith with our words, prayer, music and the word of God, the most important battle had already been won. Your heavenly Father had already sealed the deal...we just had to walk it out.

Before you were even thought of by Daddy and I, you were an epic idea in the mind of God! When he created you, he created you with a great purpose and a divine delivery appointment of 9/19/1999! The number 9 represents divine completeness! Daughter, you are divinely complete. You have everything you need, it was deposited in you by God before you were even born. He gave us the assignment of parenting you on this earth and to stoke the greatness he put in you. We will always be your parents, your biggest cheerleaders, your coaches, but the time has come for us to cheer you on from the sidelines as we pass you the baton to activate your greatness!

When challenges come, you fight and you stand firm! When you have set backs that is the perfect time to re-evaluate, make changes and move forward in faith! Remember, we don’t settle, we don’t give up and if you don't quit your failures will eventually introduce you to your success! When relationship opportunities come, always weigh them on the scale of your soul! Does this person edify and speak to your soul? If they want to walk alongside you be sure that they too are on the road to their greatness so that as your paths intersect they complement each other. If their road is leading to destruction-you’ll know because you will feel it in your soul! Being with them will cause you to compromise your beliefs, make you feel the need to sin to get them or keep them, tell lies, and keep secrets. Let those people cause you to run faster towards your greatness because taking a detour will cost you! But remember even if you make a wrong turn, God can and will reroute you if that’s your hearts desire.

Daughter, there will be times that you must fight to keep what is rightfully yours. Greatness is yours, walk in and fight for your brilliant purpose. Set aside your doubts and any thoughts that tell you that you aren't good enough and boldly declare I am strong, I am courageous, I am a fighter and I am a winner! Show up and shine on the stage of your life, remembering you "perform" for an audience of one! We love you, we are proud of you and we are looking forward to watching you activate and pursue greatness in every area of your life! Happy Graduation Day! Shine on!

Loving and fighting for you always,


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