Hello Sis! Thank you so much for the Fearless vision board workshop. It gave me the push that I need to get going. My minor is in art  & I put off having an exhibit to get married and have children. My kids are grown now & I have been taking little steps toward having an exhibit. Here's my completed vision board & the first piece that I am working on. I want to complete 20 pieces. 

Thanks for the push!


SimplyTChic! Just a quick note to say that your poem, "My Name is Fear," brought me to tears! It was like you had written the poem just for me until I noticed that every woman in the room seemed to be feeling the same way! You personified fear, exposed it for the thief and liar that it is and then boldly declared our truth as believers! Will you come and read it to me every Monday as a reminder, chile lol! Seriously though, thank you. We were blessed by the gift that is you! 


I have a new position at work that has brought on lots of challenges and has left me feeling less than. I was gearing up for yet another contentious meeting yesterday and I decided to wear my Fearless shirt under my blazer. Sometimes writing a message on a post- it is ok, sometimes a quick prayer will do the trick, but sometimes you need to wear it across your chest!! I had to put on my armor. Thanks Tiffane


I recently attended your Fearless Brilliance session!  All I can say is, Yes! Thank you for reminding me to not allow fear to stop me from fulfilling my purpose! Thank you for helping me to look at fear differently: fear helps me to activate courage! God's given me everything I need to win! I will follow the points you made in your session: seek God, choose to be fearless, believe that I've been created to reign, keep my armor up, know that I am chosen, choose my squad carefully, and continue to speak life into myself and others! Again, Thank you!


Hello! I attended one of your sessions at the end of 2019 and 3 months later I find myself confessing the fearless declaration card you gave us and looking at the #fearlesspermission card too!  During difficult times we must do what you said and "activate courage because if I don't activate courage fear will deactivate my purpose!" Thank you!


 I had a wonderful time last night at the Fearless Mothers gathering. You did an amazing job. I expected what you delivered, Excellence. How selfish would I have been to not invite someone or 2 or 3?  It was a good ladies night.  The sisters enjoyed it as well and are excited about the next event. My favorite part was writing to myself and the affirmation-brilliant ideas! 

-T. Raglund