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Hi! I am Tiffane, welcome to SimplyTChic! pronounced: /SHēk/
The mission here is to encourage and remind us of who and whose we are!​ STC! is about faith, family, and friends through my lens.  I curate spaces where women, girls, and families feel peace, love, celebrated, and inspired to live out their God-given brilliance.  I am blessed to be on this journey with my lover, protector, leader, and provider, my husband of 28 years.  Together we share 4 powerful intelligent, daughters, all of whom we have or are currently homeschooling!

I enjoy hosting intimate gatherings, baking and unfortunately, I enjoy eating all that I bake.  I like biking, walking and holy yoga gives me life! I also find pleasure in designing and styling living spaces. I am the founder of The Soul-Full Collective with the homegirls membership experience and podcast. I am also a marriage cheerleader and divorce disrupter! 

The t-shirt line is a biblical call to action! You will see me style the t-shirts in many different ways, while remembering to always be chic! In addition to the Bible-based t-shirt line, I also have stationery and power-filled declaration cards that are especially for the Experience guests.  SimplyTChic! hosts Soul-Full and Fearless Experiences.  Each experience includes edifying conversations and inspirational activities that celebrate girls/women and encourage them to have the audacity to live brilliantly and soul-full!

SimplyTChic! also has a member-only portion, The Soul-Full Collective: with the homegirls. 
If you would like more information regarding the Experiences, please email with Experience in the subject line. 
Check out all of our items right here in our bouchic and gallery!  Follow me on Instagram @simplytchic.

Celebrating life through both the triumphs and challenges- that's SimplyTChic! I hope that you are blessed and encouraged by all that you find here!  Thank you for the privilege of sharing God's love with you through my lens!

Get up and Glow Darlings!


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